Rock Start Welcomes Emily Slomovits!

We’re very excited to add a new teacher to the mix, Emily Slomovits. Emily is a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist and is very excited to take on new students at all levels. Here’s a video of her performing at the famed Ann Arbor Summer Festival in 2019:

Welcome Stevenson Valentor to the Rock Start Fam!

We’re excited to welcome drummer and pianist Stevenson Valentor to Rock Start Lessons. Stevenson is an extremely talented musician and teacher and is accepting new students now. Here’s a video of him playing drums on a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” (also featuring RS teacher Maxx McGathey!):

Rock Start Adds Maxx McGathey

We’re excited to welcome another new teacher, Maxx McGathey, to our ranks! Maxx is a talented pianist but also teachers drums, bass, guitar, and voice. He was just featured in the Chicago Reader! Check out this great video of his band Gramps The Vamp. Welcome Maxx!

Rock Start Welcomes Kara Cavanaugh!

We’ve expanded again by adding the incredibly talent Kara Cavanaugh! Kara is accepting students on voice, piano, and guitar. She’s recently released her debut album, “Ain’t Gonna Run,” which includes this tune below. Welcome Kara!

Rock Start Welcomes Joseph Sanchez!

We’re welcoming yet another teaching to the RSL fold! Joseph Sanchez boasts an impressive resume (including a stint with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and performances with Yo-Yo Ma) and a passion for teaching. Contact us today to sign up for clarinet lessons. Here’s a video of Joseph performing with his group The Lake Effect… Read more »