“Brendan O’Connell is what every teacher should be: passionate, patient, brilliant and creative. A stunningly talented musician, he has taught my little ones not only how to read and play music, but also to love it.”— Rachel DeWoskin

“Brendan O’Connell, aka Mr. O’C, has been teaching my sons piano for the past 5 years. As a former pianist, it’s always been a priority for my children to play piano. The boys started when they were 7, and have continued with weekly lessons. I know it can be a challenge to get active boys to sit down and practice, and think in a totally different way. I think Brendan has a real gift at achieving that discipline and desire to accomplish. I also believe Brendan is an excellent role model for the boys: he’s male, in a band, and brings great enthusiasm and energy to the experience. I feel very lucky to have found him and have recommended him to several friends.” — Rachel Gross

My older son started piano lessons with Brendan 10 years ago!  And my younger son followed the next year.  About five years ago, my older son switched to guitar, also with Brendan.  Over the years, Brendan has truly become part of the family!  His warm, easy going, and patient style has been a great fit for both my kids who have very different personalities.  He’s a wonderfully talented and versatile musician.  We have loved watching his company, his band, and his career come together and blossom.  He has watched my kids grow up and worked well with them every at every age and every stage.  My kids enjoy their time with Brendan and it’s been nice to watch them develop their own relationships with him.  We can’t recommend him and/his Rock Start colleagues enough! — Barb Perlman

“Lucas has been teaching my eight year old daughter Piano for over a year. In this time, she has demonstrated the motivation and skills to learn songs, read music and continue practicing to play at her best level. Lucas has such a wonderful teaching style as he exhibits patience as well as paces the lessons to the child’s abilities. At the same time, he manages to keep the lessons interesting and fun. It has been a pleasure to have Lucas working with my daughter. If I had him as a piano teacher early on in my life, I would most probably still be playing.” — Julie Lambert

“We’ve truly enjoyed Ben as an instructor! He connects so well with our son, being patient, asking what music he would like to play and then bringing it with him the following week. It’s apparent how much Ben loves music and likes working with kids. He’s great!” — Jeanne Cipollini

“Ben has been my son’s instructor since January 2013, and I cannot say enough great things about him. I am blown away by how much progress my son, Nic, has shown. He went from knowing absolutely nothing instrumentally to being able to hear a song he enjoys, pick up his guitar and play the music by ear. It’s incredible. Although Ben has an agenda every week he always invites Nic to think outside the box. I honestly think it’s the happiest time of the week for Nic. Ben makes the session seem like a true jam session and meeting of the minds which just makes Nic respect his ability that much more. Nic’s learning a ton, but he’s having so much fun he has no idea.” — Patti Zikmund

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